Find Out The Best Things of Vietnam Through Hanoi Summit

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Travelers comes to Vietnam normally because of the Old Quarter, Pho, ancient architecture and cultural show. In Hanoi Summit this time, this country affirmed that it has more things deserved to try than what you have known.

A safe destination

Hanoi has been known as “The City for Peace” for decades and believe it or not, this is not only a nickname. The fact that two of the most famous powerful leaders President Donald Trump and President Kim Jong Un agreed to have their meetings here in Hanoi proved they totally believe in the city’s security. In fact, the summit came to an end safely in 28 Feb 2019 although the two leaders couldn’t come to any joint agreement but they all sent their thanks to Vietnam for the warm welcome and a safety summit.

A street corner in Hanoi

A tranqil street corner in Hanoi

Through the summit, Vietnam also want to send its message to the world that this country always welcome foreign tourists and deserve to pay a visit & return.

Pho is not the only Vietnamese signature dish

Twit about Vietnamese cuisine

Reporter's exciting twit about Hanoi cuisine

For anyone who has been following the summit, they might know about how the journalists from around the world felt so pleasure when they got the treat of Vietnam cuisine through the time they reported about the Hanoi summit news in this country. Many traditional Vietnamese dishes were offered freely to about 3500 international reporters such as: Pho bo (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), Bun cha (noodles and grilled meat), Bun thang (noodles in chicken broth), Nem (spring roll), Xoi (different types of sticky rice), etc. and especially, for the first time, Vietnamese famous original Giang’s egg coffee was introduced widely in an international event like Hanoi summit.

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Bun Thang

 Bun Thang with complecated ingredients

Vietnamese sticky rice

 Colorful sticky rice

Simple lunch sets for reporters during Hanoi Summit

 Simple lunch sets for reporters during Hanoi Summit 

And it does not mean that you only can enjoy delicious Vietnamese food in the summit zone, fine Vietnamese traditional food can be found anywhere on the street. The proof is that many reporters who did not have time to enjoy the buffet meals specially prepared for them during the summit time, had to eat outside, right at some vendors on the street and all of them were very exciting and impressive with Vietnamese cuisine, no one was disappointed or regretted. 

Reuters's reporters buying "Banh My" (Vietnamese Baguette) on Hanoi's street

Reuters's reporters buying "Banh My" (Vietnamese Baguette) on Hanoi's street

Cha Ca La Vong - Josh Berlinger

"Cha ca — the turmeric-marinated, pan fried fish that’s so good it has an entire street named after it." - said CNN reporter Josh Berlinger

Friendly Vietnamese

“Hanoi cannot decide the summit will be successful or not, we just try our best to treat our international friends so well” said Mr. Hoa – owner of Giang’s café (Giang’s egg coffee). Delicious foods with cheap price, free ice tea and caps in the hot and humid weather of Hanoi are only some little lovely examples of how friendly Vietnamese is. People here always welcome guests from other countries with a smile on their face and willing to help.  

Hanoians gives international reporter free ice tea

Hanoians gives international reporter free ice tea...

Hanoians gives international reporter free hats

... And free hats

Above are only some typical nice things that all travelers can expect when they come to Vietnam. This country still has so many beautiful and interesting sides that are waiting international guests to come and explore.

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