Top special traditions in Myanmar

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In recent years, Myanmar has become a popular destination for many foreign tourists. Due to not only the ancient beauty of sceneries, mysterious features but also the beauty of culture, customs and festivals here. Traveling to Myanmar, tourists will have interesting experiences of a unique culture. Let discover some points that make separate culture for this beautiful country!

Traditional costume

Each country in the world has its own traditional costumes to express its lifestyle and activities, Myanmar as well. Burmese have different traditional costumes for men and women. Traditional costume of men is Longchy, which is a large pants with a tie in the middle mixed with the shirt or Taipon shirt (traditional shirt).

Burmese Women Traditional Costume

Traditional Costume

The costume for women is Thummy, which is similar with Lao and Thai costume. Longchy and Thummy are quite simple, including about 2m plain or caro cloth for men and colorful fabrics, patterns for women. The cloth is wrapped around the hip instead of pants or skirts. There is an interesting thing that Longchy can only tie with a simple movement so they often have to adjust their Longchy when moving a lot. When necessary, Longchy and Thummy are used as a raincoat, avoid the sunshine and even a hat to bring goods. When wearing traditional costume, both men and women wear Lao slippers.


Thanakha is a natural cosmetic and popularly used until today. “Thanakha” in Myanmar has two meanings: "beauty cosmetic" and "cleansing". Due to its name, this traditional cosmetic has many effects, however, Thanakha is often used by Myanmar women for sun protection and cooler the skin.

Burmese Thanakha


Thanakha is made from thanakha, which is a plant in Myanmar, by a simple process. First, the roots and bark are soaked in water, then crushed with a mortar and a stone to become a yellow, scented cream. Myanmar women like to apply it on the face after bathing. Many Burmese women often bring thanakha and a small mortar with them even when traveling.

Painting the face with Thanakha is an important custom in traditional culture of Myanmar history. This type of cosmetics is used not only in daily life, but also in many rituals and festivals to show the social status of women.

Novitiation Ceremony

Novitiation as known as Shin Pyu in Myanmar, it is an important ceremony in Burmese life. For them, especially men, if they have not yet been ordained to a temple, or a monastery, they are not a good Buddhist. Burmese believed that it will bring the lucky to their families.

Burmese Novitiation Ceremony

Novitiation Ceremony

Early in the morning, a group of about 15 children, both male and female (5-15 years old), made-up by their families, wearing traditional Myanmar costumes, and gathered at a place in the village to start the ritual. Then the organizer will announce about the ceremony and play songs to ask for donation. After the announcement ceremony in the village, the children will ride colorful horses and carried around the village.


The food style in Myanmar is the mixture of 3 countries: India, China and Thailand. Like many others Asian countries, the main dish in Myanmar is rice, often served with meat or fish and some vegetables. Besides that, they also have noodles and curry on regular meals.

Laphet Thoke

Laphet Thoke

Traveling to Myanmar, tourists should try the tealeaf salad, also called “Laphet Thoke”. The main ingredients include fermented tea leaf, peas, nuts, cabbage and tomatoes. Tealeaf salad is usually served with lemon juice to eat as a snack or with rice. You can be able to find this salad in many areas of this country.

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists need to pay attention to some customs of the way people eat here. Myanmar people often eat and drink by their right hands because they believe that their left hand is for personal hygiene. Therefore, when giving anything to someone in Myanmar, you should give it to them by your right hand.


Myanmar is one of the countries which have the largest number of festival in the world, the festivals are take place all year, but mainly focused on March and April. The festivals here are extremely unique and interesting, attracting more tourists visiting here. Myanmar welcomes a new year in April which is different from Vietnam and some other countries in the world, on the New Near festival they celebrate a water festival, they use water to wash away the dirt of the old year and welcome a luckier and happier new year. Many tourists enjoy this festival, they can immerse themselves with Myanmar people in the streets to play with water.

Burmese Full Moon Festival

Festival in Myanmar

Full Moon festival starts on the full moon day in April. Monks must not leave the monastery at night but still go begging for food in the day during rainy season. Therefore, during this festival, people donate robes for the monks which will be used during the rainy season and vegetarian month.

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